Peacebuilders In India

This short film shot on 16mm was inspired by Ghandi and commissioned by the Methodist Church Britain as part of their Peacebuilders Campaign screened at International Conferences in Delhi, Hyderabad and Calcutta.  It was also used as part of their Peacebuilders educational package distributed to all Methodist Schools thoughout Britain.  The film looks at building peace in the world through the eyes of children in India, visiting school children in Mumbai and hearing their thoughts on peace.

This film is a rare occurance of being shot on 16mm film on location in Mumbai.  Due to Sara Proudfoot Clinch’s connections in Mumbai and her fantastic negotiation skills, she was able to organise favourable deals to make this happen.  Although it has to be said that shooting in India on film is much more cost effective than the UK.


Client – Methodist Church Britain

Producer / Director / Writer – Sara Proudfoot Clinch

Dop – Shanthi M

Focus Puller – Shamim

Sound – Mohan Das

Production Assistants – Abdul and Jitesh

Editor – Sara Proudfoot Clinch

Composer – Adrian Meehan

16mm Camera/Eqpt – Think 16 India

16mm Film Stock – Fujifilm India

Laboratory – AdLabs India

Telecine – Prime Focus India

Post production – Blue London