Best News Ever !

Best News Ever !


After reading my screenplay Ashes To India, Stephen Warbeck, Oscar Winner for Shakespeare In Love has agreed to compose the music on my film.  I am so excited and thankful to have such a creative, inspirational and downright lovely man on board.  Thank you Stephen Warbeck and his delightful agent Lynda Mamy for getting the script to him and supporting me.  May my lucky streak continue!



Small Batch rules …

Sitting here again in Small Batch Coffee House, Worthing working on the Marketing Pack for Ashes To India.  It’s amazing when you make a decision to leap off the cliff how quickly the universe works to keep you afloat and flying …


New Website !

New Website !


Apologies if you have been looking for us.  Spring is here, the sun is out and so is our new website! Please browse and let us know your thoughts. Sitting here in Small Batch Coffee House, Worthing, working on the Marketing Pack for Ashes To India. Sooooo excited.

The Duke

Award Winning Drama The Duke

The Duke

This film produced by Sara Proudfoot Clinch was written by actor John McArdle as a vehicle for his directorial debut.  Set in Liverpool in 1950’s this stunning 18 minute period drama shot on 35mm anamorphic, tells the story of Jack, a small boy who believes his grandfather is John Wayne.  Saddle up and hold tight as The Duke rides again!

A favourite on the festival circuit this film premiered at BAFTA UK and screened at several International Film Festivals including Cannes, Venice, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Seattle, Palm Springs, Los Angeles American Film Institute, Sienna, Iran and Bafta LA.


Best Short Film with Kodak Emerging New European Talent

Best Short Film with Giffoni International Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Producer – Sara Proudfoot Clinch

Writer/Director – John McArdle

Grandad/John Wayne – Tony Booth

Jack – Lee Gilbert

Mother – Nicola Stephenson

Composer – Stephen Warbeck (Oscar winner “Shakespeare In Love”)

Cinematographer – Bruce McGowan (“Letter To Brehznev”)

Sound – Martin Beresford (“The Governess”)

Production Designer – Anthea Nelson

Editor – Stephen Parry

Costumes – Lilian Chapman